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Angels win 3-2 as Tigers find themselves on the wrong (but oh so right) side of the ump show

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Detroit Tigers Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images

Angels 3 Tigers 2

Another game against the Tigers, another testy face-off that included some umpire ejections and salty, bitter feelings. Yep, these games against Detroit, galvanized in their infamy by the famous bickering of Justin Verlander (over a Halos bunt to break up his no-no), are getting to be reliably entertaining.

This one especially, because the Angels not only got to sit by as the officiating crew delivered infuriating call after infuriating call...that’s infuriating to THEM, not us, though, so who cares? Would watching FOUR Tigers getting ejected (Including the managers and the hitting coach) be something that interests you? Yep, that happened, and yes, I enjoyed every second of it.

Oh, I also enjoyed seeing things like Kaleb Cowart hit a two-run dinger, his first homer of the season (2nd of career), Brett Oberholtzer making his Angels debut and giving us a glimpse of a possible 2017 in the process ( he only made it three innings but at least he only allowed one run?), and C.J. Cron also chipping in with an RBI single.

But the things I enjoyed most was watching the Tigers lose their minds over some bad or questionable calls, leading to the aforementioned ejections. What can I say? Schadenfreude is fun. So are Saturday night road wins. Win/win!

That evens up this series, and Tyler Skaggs will take the mound for the rubber game tomorrow. It’ll probably be a normal game, without a bunch of Tigers ejections...but don’t hold that against it. They could still put out a win and entertain us in other ways. But a man can dream, can’t he?