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Mike Scioscia isn’t waving a white flag, and neither am I

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

The Angels’ 2016 season has, at times, been a brutal, impossible gauntlet; a river of MLB opponents rushing all over the Halos, beating and bashing them against their very own rocks in the centerfield water feature. There have been times when it was palatable, and other stretches where it’s been refined, poetic entertainment.

But mostly, it’s just been bad. You know it. I know it. The players most likely know it. Mike Scioscia knows it. Billy Eppler knows it, but with him being on the prowl so intensely at the trade deadline, that means Scioscia now has to answer questions about the Angels and giving up:

I just want to use this space to proclaim my allegiance to Mike Scioscia. He isn’t raising any white flags, a symbol of surrender, and neither am I. But then again, there’s not really any choice we have in the matter...which is exactly why I’m standing by Scioscia.

I’m standing by Scioscia in his commitment to playing the remaining games of the MLB season. You see, he really can’t surrender or give up, because there is still baseball on the schedule. So unless they had previously planned on becoming the first team in history to just forfeit the remaining couple months of games, then he’s totally right...there is no white flag being rung up. Well played, Mr. Scioscia.

I’m standing by Scioscia, who knows how little hope there is in this season, and therefore the eyes already shift towards 2017. But he still has to technically manage these games, so the Angels will be steadfast in their refusal to give up. And I’ll be right there alongside them...watching these games because, hey, they’re on TV and I don’t really have much else going on. You’re not getting any white flags from me!

I’m standing by Scioscia, who stands steadfast against a rising tide of resentment and ire, clinging to nothing but platitudes and injury excuses to shield him. This team is not good, but they’re also NOT GIVING UP, GUYS! Again, surrender isn’t even an option, but still! NOT GIVING UP!

Here’s to Scioscia’s heroism, his strict adherence to a code of honor that commands him to not give up, to wave no white flags of surrender, no matter how stacked the odds are against him; Mike Scioscia is an unwavering oak. Also, there’s literally no way that he could wave a white flag, because that’s not how professional sports and their front offices work.

That’s all beside the point, though, which is Mike Scioscia isn’t putting up any white flags, and neither am I, for the same piddly, meaningless, trite reasons that Scioscia wont. I will watch my Mike Trout ABs and highlight plays, I will watch Andrelton Simmons continue to blow my mind, I will watch Matt Shoemaker and Cam Bedrosian continue to have studly seasons on the hill, and I will continue to watch the Angels struggle, lose plenty of games and finish way out of the playoffs.

That’s what not waving white flags is all about.