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Angels’ bullpen just wants to watch the world burn, Angels lose 8-6 to Mariners

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Seattle Mariners Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 6 Mariners 8

The Angels bullpen is the nicest bullpen in the AL West, maybe even the whole AL. Maybe the entire MLB, even? I don’t know. What I DO know is that they’re super cool, chill dudes that enjoy giving opposing teams and opposing teams’ fans loads of exuberant joy and memorable plays.

If you’re a fan of the Halos, then this bullpen as of late has been a horror movie come to life, but hey...if you like the other guys, then you’re stoked! Moments like Mike Trout’s homer in the first inning, another three-run job just like last night’s first inning blomb, or his triple in the third have now been put behind the gory nightmares given by the ‘pen.

If you didn’t watch, consider yourself lucky, but here’s what you missed either way: The Angels got up early, leading 6-2 after four innings, but Tyler Skaggs eventually got lifted and then Jose Valdez and Deolis Guerra gave up some big hits, and the Mariners eventually came back and won. Fun stuff.

Maybe it’s made worse by the fact that we didn’t even see some dominant Tyler Skaggs; he was hit-able and he’s lucky he just got out with only four runs scored. But they had the lead, and the bullpen needs to do it’s job. Mike Morin did his, but the previously mention arms saw the small beginnings of a fire at Safeco, and they proceeded to drink turpentine and urinate all over said fire.

Heartbroken in Seattle, on what should have been a win...again. Hey, at least Ken Griffey, Jr. had a nice evening. There’s that.