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Angels have some nerve to lose 3-1 to Mariners on Mike Trout’s birthday

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Seattle Mariners Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Angels 1 Mariners 3

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the day Mike Trout was born. Let us all use this time to give many thanks unto the New Jerseyan baseball god named Mike Trout, hallowed be thy bat and glove. Mike Trout blessed us with an insane, homer-robbing catch today, because he was pleased with our offerings, but the Angels angered him by ultimately losing the game.

Only the Angels would dare lose on Mike Trout’s birthday.

The Halos just didn’t really have an answer for James Paxton, the Mariners’ starter of the afternoon. He pitched 8.1 solid innings of one-run baseball (a weak grounder from Pujols), but was eventually knocked out in the ninth by an Andrelton Simmons liner.

Shoemaker threw 7.0 good innings himself, barring the three runs he allowed and the three bean balls he served up, but he was once again tasked with carrying that heavy, mistake-free load since the Angels weren’t in one of their moods of putting lots of runs on the board.

So, the eventually went down 3-1, getting swept in Seattle, all on Mike Trout’s birthday. Perhaps his birthday weekend mojo was just not in the same league as the powerful Griffey Jr. celebration mojo that Safeco had going on these past few days. Either way, that’s now four losses in a row, and the post-All Star Game squad is turning back into the team we saw pre-break.

And on Mike Trout’s birthday, too. The nerve.