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Scenes from Mike Trout’s messy egg & baby powder birthday hazing ritual

Yesterday was Mike Trout’s birthday. He turned 25. It was jam packed with the typical birthday excitement that should surround a guy like Mike Trout, from birthday wishes from fans, writers and players alike, to home run-robbing catches to losing to the Mariners other fun birthday happenings.

One of the things you may have missed, however, is Mike Trout giving himself up to the mercy of his teammates Johnny Giavotella, Kole Calhoun and Albert Pujols as they covered him in baby powder and smashed a bunch of eggs on his head. This has become a typical Angels birthday hazing ritual for these guys and I dig it. Glad they’re having fun.

Here’s Mike, getting himself ready for what is about to come by taking an egg straight to the chest, like a boss.

Happy birthday Mike trout

A video posted by Ji-Man Choi ⚾️ (@ji_man_choi) on

As you can see, this prepares Mike, both physically and mentally, for the egg/powder onslaught that is about to come. These guys don’t mess around. Now the time comes when Mike takes the seat in the shower room and takes his birthday lumps from his beloved teammates.

Happy 25th birthday to the kid, @miketrout! @kole_calhoun56 @pujolsfive

A video posted by Johnny Giavotella (@giavotella504) on

Once again, happy birthday Mike. Hope it was an awesome one.

Trout B-day bonus:

Look at the love from his fiance...and look at that young, high school dance Mike Trout. LOL.