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Could Tim Tebow be the answer to the Angels' left field problem?

The Angels were interested in drafting the former pro quarterback in 2006

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The fact that Tim Tebow wants to play professional baseball has been all over the news in the sports world today.  The biggest question is probably - how far could he go?

I mean, it's not unheard of for a pro football player to make a successful transition to pro baseball.  Just ask Mr. Jackson, because Bo knows.  Bo Jackson didn't start playing pro baseball until he was 23 years old.  He spent 53 game in AA before making the Royals squad.  Deion Sanders is another player who dabbled in both sports as a pro, though he started playing pro baseball when he was 20.  in 1992, Brian Jordan switched from the NFL, where he played 3 seasons, to MLB, where he went on to play for 15 years and was even named an All-Star in 1999.  Since 1970, seven total players have played in both the NFL and MLB.

So why couldn't Tim Tebow?  After all, the was touted as a 5-tool player out of high school back in 2005 and the Angels were interested in drafting him in 2006.  He never did get drafted because he didn't return his player information card to the Angels, so his name never made it onto the big board.

Tebow was a left fielder his junior year in high school (the last year he played competitively) and hit .494.  He had a strong arm (no surprise there), and a LOT of power.  Reports were that he could hit a ball close to 500'.  Not only that, he's a left handed hitter which the Angels have been looking for to play in left field.  Could Tebow be their guy?  I mean, he can't be any worse than the 20-30 player left field revolving door we've had over the past few years, right?

Apparently, all 30 MLB teams have been invited to watch Tebow work out at the end of the month.  He has been honing his baseball skills and practicing in Arizona and Los Angeles over the past year.  Tebow is an athlete, and a strong one.  He failed in his pro-football career, but you don't even get a shot as a pro quarterback without some serious athletic abilities and strength.  He's 29 years old, so it's maybe now or never, but if a team like the Angels DID scoop him up, you could expect to see him on a roster in 2017.  You don't sign a 29 year old former pro football player to a baseball contract let him stew in the minors for a few seasons.  He's either got what it takes, or he doesn't, and why not give him a shot?

Sure, the last time we signed a player a player form a workout in Arizona it didn't go so well, but in Tebow's case he'd be signed to a minor league deal to see what he could do first.  It's not like he'd play on a big league roster yet this year - or could he??

UPDATE:  Josh pointed out that the Tim Tebow even has a theme song.  How cool is that?