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Cubs and John Lackey make quick work of the Angels in Wrigley Field

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Angels 1 Cubs 5

Well, that was quick. Although, I guess that’s sort of what we should have expected from the Angels facing a team that has a double digit lead in first place of their respective division. Yes, the Cubs are good...they were good on Opening Day, when they stomped on the home team Halos, and they were good today in Wrigley. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This game didn’t even hit the 2 1/2 hour mark, that’s how quick and swift (and thereby relatively painless, thanks good guy Cubs!) this loss was for our guys. Kole Calhoun hit a homer off of our old pal John Lackey in the first, and then after that, the Angels were barely heard from again (they finished with three total hits, and that one KC RBI).

Meanwhile, the Cubs were somewhat teeing off of our very own Jered Weaver, with Kris Bryant and Wilson Contreras hitting homers, and a few other Cubbies getting some timely RBIs off of him. By the time the fifth inning was over, Weaver was done for the night, and the Cubs were sitting on a 5-1 lead that they’d ultimately ride for the rest of the night and into the W column.

Not the greatest start to a two-game set in Wrigley Field, but I’m not sure what any cognizant Angels fan could have been expecting, other than, of course, a miracle outpouring of runs. They’ll try it again tomorrow, and we’ll see if they can get a game against the world beater Cubs this year.

So, how about them Olympics, huh?