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Source: Angels are not going to win the AL West title this year

Texas Rangers v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

In case you missed the post-script to Saturday night’s loss to the Rangers, I will be the one that breaks the bad news to you, I guess: the Angels are not going to win the AL West. Yes, this sometimes-overachieving, highly paid, rag tag group of under achievers are going to miss out on the big, October post-season dance.

The Rangers win on Saturday night mathematically eliminated our beloved Halos. Sad face emoji.

No amount of Mike Trout MVP heroics (well, unless we literally had five or six more Mike Trouts on the team) or Albert Pujols RBI’n could catapult them into the #1 spot, but hey, we can also take comfort in knowing that the team, while mathematically eliminated from the division title, is also mathematically certain to NOT lose 100 games.

I’ll repeat that: the Angels will NOT lose 100 games this season. I know, I’re probably popping the Dom right now. The Angels are one of just a few franchises that have never had a 100 loss season, so that’s...something.

The Angels aren’t eliminated from the Wild Card, but give them a couple days to rectify that, and then we’ll talk. It’s monumentally disappointing, considering I had the lofty goals of “3rd place finish” in my mind for this team before the season even started, and they’re going to fall short of that, as well. My bad for aiming too high.

So no AL West title, no Wild Card (most likely), not even 3rd place in the division, but they aren’t going to lose 100 games. Always gotta try and find the silver linings, and what not, right?

Speaking of silver linings...Mike Scioscia reiterated over the weekend that he loves his job, and is going nowhere. So between that and not losing 100 games, we have a lot to be thankful for today.