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MLB Releases 2017 schedule - Angels open on the road

It's Christmas in September for baseball fans. Angels open in Oakland and close at home against the Mariners

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Rejoice Halo fans!  We can already start looking forward to 2017 and planning the games we want to see now that MLB has released the 2017 schedule. 2017 certainly can't be any worse than 2016 (can it?).  The Angels have an elimination number (from the wildcard) of 3, though they were virtually eliminated back in May.  Next year we can get our hopes up in April all over again so it's time to look to the future. Thanks MLB!

Full sortable Angels schedule here (once it's fully uploaded).

Full MLB schedule (all teams) here.

There won't be a home opener at the Big A on the actual opening day of baseball (which has happened a lot lately), but you can venture up to the big O if you want to see the Angels on opening day vs. the Athletics.  Opening day takes place on Monday, April 3rd, 2017, though MLB has cheapened the opening day experience yet again by scheduling two games on Sunday, April 2nd.  On that day, the Yankees and Rays plus the Giants and D-Backs will square off in Tampa and Phoenix.

After that 4 game set in Oakland, the Angels square off against Seattle in their home opener on Friday April 7th to start off the season with 7 straight games.

Interleague games of note include two games against the Nationals in DC on July 15 & 16, who then return the favor and fly to Anaheim for a 2 game set on July 18 & 19th.  The Halos will also play in Miami May 26-28.  The Braves will be in town May 29-31, and the Phillies will be in Anaheim August 1-3

The Freeway Series will take place June 26-29 with first two games being in the Ravine.

All-Star Break is July 10-13

Nothing real ground breaking in the Angels schedule, except sadly (for me), no games in San Diego once again.