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Thor'sLinks: Angels swept away on the tide

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The Mariners swept away the Angels on a tide of indifference.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Swell, that is another 7 losses out of 8 tries. The last 3 were pretty listless, getting swept by the Mariners while scoring only 2 runs across 27 innings. Oh, sure, giving up 8 runs in each of the first 2 games of the series is all on the pitching staff, but not a team that ever was could expect to pitch their way to success when scoring less than 1 run per game.

Last night was not on a sore, and scratched, Tyler Skaggs. Last night was not on Jhoulys Chacin who took his place and pitched 6 strong innings of 1-run ball. Over the entire series, one run was scored on a single, a walk and a single. And the other run was scored on a single, another single, and a wild pitch. That was it. the entire series.

This is what happens when Mike Trout goes 1 for 13 over 4 games. That would be the Mike trout who is wasting the efforts of this Mike Trout:

Oh well. Here comes Toronto Blue Jays. Have some Race to the Bottom Links:



The Upcoming Series:

Toronto Blue Jays @ Los Angeles Angels - Angel Stadium, Very South Los Angeles, CA.

Day Game Time Probable Pitchers TV
THURSDAY 7:05 PM PDT J.A. Happ (18-4, 3.33 ERA)  vs. Daniel Wright (0-0, 7.20 ERA) FS-W
FRIDAY 7:05 PM PDT R.A. Dickey (9-14, 4.60 ERA)  vs. Jered Weaver (11-11, 5.25 ERA) FS-W
SATURDAY 6:05 PM PDT Francisco Liriano (1-1, 4.06 ERA)  vs. Ricky Nolasco (1-6, 4.50 ERA) FS-W
SUNDAY 12:35 PM PDT Marcus Stroman (9-8, 4.55 ERA) vs. Alex Meyer (0-2, 6.14 ERA) FS-W

From the official Game Notes: "BLUE JAYS ON DECK: Halos took two of three in first meeting (Aug. 23-25 in Toronto)…Jays swept Halos in three game series at Angel Stadium last season (outscored 36-5)…Jays claimed 2015 season series 5-2, first season series win over Angels since 2007…LAA is 19-13 vs. Jays since 2012."


Everywhere In Baseball

2017: The Angels schedule was released. Teams and dates, anyway. Times and TV will come later. Nothing unusual as far as the Halos are concerned that I can see. Unless we want to quibble about air travel in May/June. That's when the team gores Florida-California-Michigan-Texas-California-New York-Massachusetts-California-Minnesota-Texas. It's the NL East in Interleague next year, along with the Dodgers..........

Standing Tall: Some teams are really, really into putting up statues of their mast favored players/coaches. the Angels are not among them..........

Hey wait a second. Mark Trumbo makes big news, and Frankie Rodriguez and Andrew Romine make news. What neglected minor league system did these guys come out of again?..........

If only baseball players cared about baseball as much as baseball fans care about baseball...........

Who outsells whom in the U.K.? Mike Trout or Bryce Harper?..............

h/t to reddit. The Angels, they are absolutely the worst team in baseball when it comes to running the bases. This is not the kind of thing you blame on Billy Eppler, or left field, or second base, or injuries to the starting rotation.

Football players taking a knee during the playing of our National Anthem is becoming ever more fashionable among athletes. Over in baseball land, the opposite has occurred...............

Normally I call B.S. on the whole player-homers-from-his-knee thing, since the player usually hits a homer and then ends up on his knee. Not so much this time. Not by Adrian Beltre...........

Poor Adam Jones. So underappreciated. Of course, we all know that even if his offense is lagging there is always that sterling D. That Gold Glove D. Of course, maybe that 1. bWAR with a -0.5 dWAR has something to do with that under-appreciation. Just maybe...........

The Yankees took a look at their chances, and turned into sellers, aiming for future seasons. They immediately began to surge, and re-entered the playoff race. So they chose to turn back into buyers. And they just bought Billy Butler. Yankee surge officially over?..........

Nobody wants to take responsibility for the Twins. They are having problems getting GM candidates to take the interview. I wonder if they have given Tony Reagins a call?............