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A swarm of bees delayed today’s Angels & Blue Jays game, and became an instant senstation

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Los Angeles Angels Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Baseball games can get interrupted and/or delayed by many things: a drunk dude running around on the field, inclement or dangerous weather, errant beach balls or maybe even a power outage. But there is perhaps no cause for delay more weird and interesting than an invasion of flying insects.

Today, the Big A got a taste of this curious reason for baseball stoppage, as a legit, real deal swarm of bees took over part of the infield, and the game had to be stopped for quite a few minutes. If you’ve never seen such a thing, well, MLB has you covered. Check it out, in all it’s peculiar glory:

The game would eventually resume, after the bees decided they had better things to do. They left us as quickly as they’d came, almost, and the only thing fans could do in their wake was make the same Salt-Lake-Bees-referencing joke in perfect Twitter unison. Here’s just :

Hey, I can’t blame them. The joke was right there in front of all our faces, sort of like the obvious joke I had in today’s post-gamer (birds and the bees, haha, get it?!?!). It sure did bring a lot of people’s thoughts to this game. Maybe their should be more bees attacks at the stadium...hey, Rally Bees!

It could work.