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Mike Trout spent his weekend pulling off two beautiful, balletic slides

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Los Angeles Angels Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

In two different games this weekend, against the Toronto Blue Jays, Mike Trout performed two excellent, A+ rated slides. Sliding is not something you usually get excited for this much, but Mike Trout has a history of going into the Matrix for these things and turning a sure out into a safe call.

The first one came last night, as Trout stole third (with two outs, even) and was dead to rights until he outfoxed Josh Donaldson and pulled off his patented Morpheus swim move. (MLB wont allow an embed...boooo!!!)

Amazing stuff, especially considering how boneheaded he’d look if he were called out and killed an inning via 3rd base steal attempt. But Mike Trout is not a mortal man, and he takes bases when he darn well feels like it...and he seemingly breaks the laws of physics while doing it.

Then we have today’s epic slide show, as he went home on an Albert Pujols single to right, and somehow avoided a tag and got the Angels the run. This one has to be seen, as it’s almost poetry in motion:

Hope you kids payed attention to Mike Trout’s lesson in epic, jawdropping sliding techniques this weekend. He only puts on these baseball clinics...oh, well...every night, I guess. But they’re not always focused on the beautiful ballet of baseball known as a Mike Trout slide. Amazing.