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Can the Angels avoid their first last place finish since 1999?

The last time the Angels finished at the bottom of the AL West, there was no Mike Scioscia or Arte Moreno and Mike Trout was 8 years old

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The 90s weren't kind to Angels fans and the team finished .500 or worse 7 out of those 10 years.  When Mike Trout was a wee little child just beginning his baseball career at age 8, the Angels finished last place in the AL West with a 70-92 record.

Sure the 1999 Angels had some promising talent - Darin Erstad, Garret Anderson, former rookie of the year Tim Salmon, All-Star Troy Percival, etc.  They also had former All-Star and current base coach Gary Disarcina, a rapidly declining Mo Vaughn, and a not a single starter with an ERA under 4.00.

Mike Scioscia's 2016 Angels are well on their to accomplishing that feat.  Can he avoid it?  Can the Angels dodge a last place finish - the first since 1999 and the first in Mike Scioscia's managerial career?  Also of note is that Scioscia's worst record as a manager came in 2001 when he lost 87 games.  That mark will surely be broken unless the Angels finish the season by winning all 10 games. Riiiiiiight....

Currently the Angels sit at 66-86 and they are tied with the Oakland Athletics.  There are exactly 10 games left and the Angels would have to lose all 10 of them to set a franchise loss record (and 9 to tie it).  While that scenario is unlikely, a last place finish is very possible.  Let's take at look at the remaining games:

Angels:  7 games v. Houston, 3 games v. Oakland
A's: 3 v. Rangers, 3 v. Angels, 3 v. Mariners

The Angels have lost 11 out of 12 to the Astros this year, and have won 9 out of 16 against the A's
The A's have lost 10 out 15 against the Mariners and are split against the Rangers

Angels win 2 out of 7 against the Astros and 2 against the A's.  Final record: 70-92 (party like it's 1999!)
A's win 3 against the Rangers and Mariners and 1 against the Angels.  Final Record 70-92.

As you can tell, it's going to be close.  A tie means the A's finish in last place due to head to head record.  Depending on which side of the fence you are on (Angels tanking for a draft pick or you don't want to see you beloved team in last place), it's going to be an interesting ride these last 10 games.