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Was Monday’s game the last time we’ll see Jered Weaver pitch for the Angels?

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Angels Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday night, Jered Weaver was pitching like an absolute madman. He was riding a perfecto through four innings, and ended up just giving up one hit in his 5.0 innings pitched. He was cruising and keeping his Angels team in the running of a close game against the A’s. Then he got pulled at 71 pitches.

Turns out, it was his back tightening up that got him lifted. Way to go, back muscles. You ruined what could have been a(nother) epic Weaver outing in a year when we all that he’d barely last a couple months, let alone have much success in those months, outside of home games.

Then, after the game, Weaver let loose some cryptic thoughts on the future of his career, or rather his inability to know what his future holds at this current moment, and told reporters that he’d talk to the press later this week about what’s on his mind.

Best case scenario is that the Angels find a way to get him another deal for next year, hopefully at a decent price tag and for just a year...because I don’t want to see Weaver go.

Worst case scenario, for me, is the one that, sadly, seems a little more feasible: that Weaver not only has a glum outlook for his playing career in 2017 and beyond, but that his back problems may mark the end of his 2016 season.

What if Weaver is set to retire, or on the cusp of going to another team for the first time in his MLB existence? Well, that would basically mean that not only was Monday his last appearance on the mound for the Angels, but we’d be cheated out of him taking the mound at the Big A this Sunday, the very last game of the season.

That’s some potential storybook ending type stuff right there; Jered Weaver, the guy who took less money from the Angels than he’d have probably gotten elsewhere, mainly because he liked being an Angels player and he realized there was only so much money a man needed. Jered Weaver, the dude who was THE fiery competitor and source of intense emotion that we all wish more Angels (and ahem their manager) would exhibit on a regular basis.

That very same Jered Weaver, his future uncertain, with possibly his last outing with the only club he’s ever known, on the last day of the season...but instead, we could miss out on that must-see tv, and will have to settle with the idea that Monday’s back-shortened night was the last we could see from Weaver The Younger.

Alex Meyer is set to go tonight against the A’s, and then we should see Jhoulys Chacin on Friday, Daniel Wright or Tyler Skaggs on Saturday, and in a perfect world, Jered Weaver on Sunday. The weekend rotation is up in the air, though, due to injuries, as stated by skipper Mike Scioscia after last night’s game.

Say it isn’t so. Give me one more chance to watch Weaver pitch in 2016, Baseball Gods. It’s not that much to ask, is it?