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Brandon Marsh is in Arizona and ready for pro baseball liftoff

Lily McGregor Photography

Alright, everybody. After all the hoopla, signing confusion, course correction and stress fracture delays, Brandon Marsh is ready to play some pro ball. Albeit, Arizona Instructional League pro ball, but this is just the first step of many for this electric, intriguing, second round pick.

Source? It’s Jonathan Mayo, of, and he has some neat updates on Angels instructs, the biggest of which is Brandon Marsh reporting for duty. We knew previously about the stress fractures that ended up scaring the Angels a bit when it came to signing him, but it’s not an uncommon type of injury and Marsh seems to be fully healed and rested up.

The Angels’ director of minor league operations, Mike LaCassa, had this to say about Marsh:

"Being a part of our instructional league program, working out with the team, you see the energy he has," LaCassa said. "It was hard for him to not be on the field the last few months. He worked tremendously hard in the weight room and got positive reviews on his attitude. Finally, we're getting the chance to see him play baseball, and he is one of the best athletes in our system."

I’m sure it must have been tough for Marsh (who has ranked #4 on top 30 Angels prospects list) to have to slow things down, rehab a bit and sit on the sidelines for a couple months, but all that work getting his body repaired is now set to pay off. Let’s see what this guy can do already, the excitement is killing me!!!

That Mayo piece is worth hitting up for some other good nuggets on prep draftees Cole Duensing and Chris Rodriguez, as well as an update on outfielder-turned-pitcher project Ranyelmy Alberto.

Oh, and did I mention i’m super stoked to get some Brandon Marsh news?

(this is where you say “SOURCE?!”)