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The Angels led a hit parade through Safeco tonight and destroyed Mariners 10-3

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 10 Mariners 3

The Angels were in a bit of a free swingin’, extra-base hittin’ mood tonight in Safeco, to put it mildly. From the very first inning, where they took a 6-0 lead, on through the later innings, the Halos were working legit lumber and when you pour on the hits as much as they did, it’s nearly impossible to lose.

The Angels would have 15 hits on the night, scoring ten runs to the Mariners’ three, but the insane part is that this included five homers and XBHs galore. Albert Pujols had two homers. Kole Calhoun had two homers. In his first two ABs, Mike Trout had a homer and a triple. Andrelton Simmons had an RBI double. Pennington...Cron...extra base hits.

They were coming from everyone and everywhere tonight, and Tyler Skaggs, the evening’s Angels starter, quickly felt the stress diminishing and was able to settle in and cruise to a nice 6.0 innings pitched in which he gave up only three runs. The lone bit of bad news from the game is that Yunel Escobar, just two games into coming back from concussion DL, got drilled on the left hand in the very first pitch of the game. The team would later x-ray it and deduce he has a contusion.

Outside of that, this game was a party. It was a home run party, especially when you have Trout, Pujols and Calhoun all hitting ‘em back to back in that first inning. Yes, that was insane. They would keep ‘em coming, too, and this second game is now in the books for the good guys.

Idea: they should just hit like this every single game. Just a thought.