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Cam Bedrosian’s season is officially done as he elects to get surgery for blood clot

Oakland Athletics v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Earlier this evening, right before game time, a piece of Angels news hit the wire with a futile thud, announced by a sad trombone that may or may not exist solely in our minds. It was news we’d heard before, or had predicted we’d hear eventually, about a half dozen Halos arms this year. Two words: “season ending”.

Yep, once again, we’re losing an arm. An important arm, I should add, as Cam Bedrosian was slowly taking over duties from Joe Smith, and then, at his time of injury, Huston Street. Here’s the good news, or rather, the positive spin: the team doesn’t exactly NEED Cam out there right now, and his rest and ability to heal up for 2017 is huge.

Still, we’re so frazzled by these announcements at this point, so I don’t blame anyone for using this news as evidence that we’re all under some evil mastermind injury curse. They just keep on coming, and places where you don’t even expect.

I have to tip my cap to Bedrosian, however. I was harsh on him from time to time since he was first called up to the team. He then put together some amazing stretches of pitching this year, and you could see the big time reliever developing before our eyes. 2016 is a weird one...they’re out of contention in September and i’m bummed out over lack over Cam Bedrosian.

Here’s to a successful surgery and speedy recovery for Cam.