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Halos Heaven Twitter investigation: Is Vin Scully overrated?

There couldn’t possibly be anybody that thinks Vin Scully is overrated, right? RIGHT!?

Colorado Rockies v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Broadcasting legend and Dodgers play-by-play announcer Vin Scully will call his last three games this weekend, with Sunday being the big finale. It will most certainly be a moving, emotional spectacle, even more so than his Dodgers Stadium goodbye ceremony that was held last week.

Scully has been broadcasting since 1950, and he’s been the voice of the Dodgers since 1958. More than that, he’s basically THE premier baseball announcer of all time, arguably in ANY sport out there. Some call him a national treasure, and some would say that’s still an understatement.

How do we really quantify and digest the greatness of this American icon, in a proper and respectable fashion, without tip toeing into the realm of hyperbole? Is Vin Scully REALLY the greatest baseball broadcaster of all time?

To suss all of this out, I decided to open a Twitter investigation into the question of whether or not Vin Scully, the god of sports announcing, is indeed overrated. I didn’t find a lot of people willing to put their name on such a misguided, questionable, yet closely-held belief...but there were still some Scully contrarians out there.

This guy likes the Yankees, but doesn’t enjoy Vin Scully. The former pretty much negates his taste on any and all topics, can’t be trusted.

This guy keeps is short and simple. And wrong, but still.

Here we have a Red Sox fan giving Vin Scully a backhanded compliment. But at least he’s prepared to get blasted, amirite!?

Nobody cares, bro.

This guy was really excited about Vin Scully calling off a walk-off in his last Dodgers home game. So excited that he then had to call Vin Scully overrated. Some people just can’t help themselves.

Another Red Sox fan. I’m beginning to sense a pattern here, I think.

I like hot takes. These are pretty weak hot takes, though, to be perfectly honest. They are wrong, too, of course. Oh...and it’s probably a Red Sox fan.

Hey, that’s at least a creative way to send a stupid opinion out into the internetz.

No, Jim. In a perfect world, you’d be all alone in this but you have fellow dumb dumbs right in this article with you.

FYI...this is another Boston person.

This is probably the creme of the Vin-Scully-is-overrated crop. Also...another Red Sox fan.

Look, there were times when I got sort of tired of the endless mythologizing and gushing over Vin Scully, and there might be a “pfffft, who cares about Vin Scully!?” thought that rolls through my head. In fact, sometimes I would like talking trash on Scully to my Dodgers fan friends, just to rile them up. Also, there were times when the Halos would play the Dodgers and I’d be like “man, this guy is sooooo boring and he pronounces names wrong sometimes and blah blah blah”.

Of course, I’d usually come back to my senses and begrudgingly realize that yes, Vin is a legend, and yes, that legend belongs to one of my least-favorite sports franchises...but nonetheless, the dude is like the 9th Wonder of the Modern World and if you try to throw shade or claim he’s overrated, you’re just going to come off as a completely clueless, idiotic, disingenuous, faux contrarian asshole who knows nothing whatsoever about both baseball AND broadcasting. In other words, a Red Sox fan.

Vin Scully is the most non-overrated person in sports. This weekend should be fun, as well as bittersweet. Scully is an original, and the world needs more like him.

From all at Halos Heaven: Happy trails, Vin.