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A’s make Angels work for their 10-7 win on Labor Day

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Oakland Athletics Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Angels 10 Athletics 7

The Angels have been hot, relatively speaking, and they’ve been hot on the road, coming off a handful of road series wins as they get to Oakland today. They definitely continued their trend of scoring early and often, but the A’s would give them more trouble than they seemed to have bargained for at points.

When I say they scored often and early, that’s no joke. Offense was in no shortage today, as they put on roads when:

-Jefry Marte HBP run, Andrelton Simmons walk got a BB RBI and Nick Buss sac flied in the first

-Kole Calhoun homered in the 2nd

-Nick Buss got yet another sac fly, this time in the third

-Albert Pujols got a two-run double and Jefry Marte got an RBI single in the 4th inning

Eight runs in those first four innings...eight runs, and you’d think that’d be good enough to waltz into a victory, but no. The pitching today was a little too shaky for that, and the A’s would tack on a bunch of runs in the 4th and 5th innings, getting to both starter Jered Weaver and reliever Javy Guerra.

A Khris Davis homer in the 7th would bring the Athletics within one run, behind 8-7 to an Angels team that should have closed the book on them awhile ago. But there they were, the team that refuse to quit working on Labor Day.

Rafael Ortega and Jett Bandy were able to get a misplayed ball and a bloop in the 9th, driving in a couple runs an giving the Halos a more comfy 10-7 lead heading into the last side of the game. Newly acquired Andrew Bailey got the nod in the 9th to close the game, and he did so accordingly.

One more road win for the Angels, could have really used these wins earlier in the season but whatever. A holiday Angels win is a holiday Angels win.