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2017 Baseball Hall of Fame: Announcement time, TV schedule, and streaming info

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo Day Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Tomorrow is the big day, when we find out who will be the newest inductee(s) into the Hall of Fame. All of the hand wringing over bad votes, all of the mocking of the out-of-touch voters, all of the cheering and championing of the guy(s) you want to see get this great all comes down to tomorrow.

For me, it’s all about Vladimir Guerrero. I don’t want any part of a Hall of Fame that doesn’t want Vlady in it, but I’m resigning to the fact that it may take some time. He’s a first ballot HOFer to me, as well as many other writers who have submitted ballots thus far, but it’s going to be close. Very close.

Most likely, Vlad is going to miss the required 75% of votes to get in on his first attempt, but he wont miss by much, if so. That bodes well for him in future ballots, but that does little to appease diehard Vlady fans such as myself.

Tomorrow we’ll find out for sure, though, and then we can reset this hallowed argumentative tradition for next year.

2017 Baseball Hall of Fame announcement

When: 12pm to 4pm PST, Wednesday, Jan. 18 (actual announcement is at 3 p.m.)

Channel: MLB Network

Stream: should have a simulcast stream up at 2pm PST