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Vladimir Guerrero gets in the HOF (if the IBWAA were voting)

They got the Mike Trout vote right, so who knows?

Pretty much every MLB “expert” is saying Tim Raines and Jeff Bagwell will make the HOF this year, along with possibly Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez. Of course, the HOF is voted on by the same people who vote for the MVP - The Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA). You know, the same organization that has snubbed Mike Trout for many years and includes guys that vote Mike Trout 7th in the MVP voting, or who voted for Adrian Beltre over Trout . At least in the end, the BBWAA followed suit from the IBWAA and named Mike Trout the 2016 MVP.

So what are the odds that Vladdy gets in given that the Internet Baseball Writers Association of America (IBWAA) has named he and Ivan Rodriguez to the hall this year in their vote? Probably not great.

The IBWAA left Tim Raines, Edgar Martinez, and Jeff Bagwell off the ballot in 2017 since they already garnered enough votes in 2015 to make the proverbial ballot.

This year, there were two people who received enough IBWAA votes and there were Valdimir Guerrero and Ivan Rodriguez. It’s not likely to be the actual results, however, since the BBWAA can still vote for Tim Raines and Jeff Bagwell.

Top 10 vote recipients for the IBWAA (cutoff was 156 votes):