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Rejoice: The Angels’ farm system is no longer the worst in MLB, per Keith Law’s recent rankings

What a difference a year (and a new GM) makes!

Photo by Bill Mitchell

Around this time last year, we were all feeling the collective shame about our farm system. We all knew it wasn’t great by any means, but then Keith Law had to go and release his annual farm system rankings. The Angels got lambasted. He not only ranked the Halos dead last, but he also called it the worst farm system he’s ever seen.

Yesterday, Law began his farm system countdown for 2017, and guess what?! THE ANGELS AREN’T THE WORST EVER ANYMORE! In fact, they jumped up all the way to the #27 spot! We’ve paid a lot of attention to the work Billy Eppler has put in this past year or so, and it was apparent that he has injected the organization with a slew of new, young talent, but now we have Keith Law basically affirming that notion.

Here’s what Law had to say about the Angels’ farm system:

They’ll be popping champagne bottles in Anaheim, as the Angels’ worst-ever farm system from last year is no longer No. 30 … but they still have a long way to go toward respectability, with so many prospects and even fringy guys traded to bolster the major-league club, most recently in the successful deal for Andrelton Simmons.

Their 2015 first-rounder Taylor Ward has been a disaster so far, but their second-rounder from that year, Jahmai Jones, has emerged as the team’s best prospect, and their 2016 crop looks like their most promising draft since at least 2010, which produced Kole Calhoun and Cam Bedrosian. Missing on big-dollar Cuban infielder Roberto Baldoquin also set them back by knocking them out of the international market for the past two cycles. While it’s easy to assume any nascent prospects will be fodder for GM Billy Eppler to deal, the Angels really need to develop some of their own starting pitching to prop up the big-league rotation.

I think many of us are in total agreement with Law here, and there’s nothing we don’t really know already, but it’s good to have that “worst I’ve ever seen” monkey off our backs. Law gives a pretty legit assessment, too. We’ve been rolling out our Top 25 Prospects pieces for the past couple weeks, and the more we’ve been studying these guys, the more we’ve grown to like what Eppler’s farm system has cooking (and I’m also in agreement about Taylor Ward, meh).

So rest easy, Angels faithful. Our favorite team is slowly, but surely, coming out of the self-inflicted muck, and we’re going to have some exciting players to keep tabs on in the near future. Also, WE’RE NOT THE WORST ANY MORE!