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The Angels Grandma is back with a beautiful Rod Carew story

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Awhile back, Halos Heaven proudly introduced the Angels Grandma to our readers, and an instant (Halos-related) star was born. For those who missed out the first time around, the Angels Grandma is...well...she’s a grandma who LOVES Angels baseball. She had started her own Youtube channel back in October, posted a couple videos right off the bat, and then her channel went quiet.

I discovered her whilst in a deep, deep baseball Youtube rabbit hole, and was immediately astonished at her insanely cool Angels “sanctuary”. It blew my mind so much that I had to write about it, and most other fans seemed to agree with me that the Angels Grandma is a perfect example of the best that Angels fans have to offer.

A couple days after posting that article, I got to have a quick chat with Angels Grandma herself, and she was blown away by all the positivity she was receiving. She also let me know that there would be more videos coming from her channel in the future, which was exactly what I was hoping to hear, to be honest. Angels fans need more Angels Grandma.

Yesterday, we got our first new video from her since October, and it is a good one. I’ll let Angels Grandma tell the story herself, but this new upload involves Rod Carew, and a package sent by Rod Carew that would surely blow any Rod Carew fan’s mind.

The timing on this one is perfect, as Carew had recently gone through a heart and kidney transplant, but yesterday he was finally well enough to be released from Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles.

This video, and the sheer joy and happiness in contains, is all because of Rod Carew, so it serves a testament to why he’s such an important part of this franchise. Keep getting well and getting strong, Mr. Carew.

Oh, and keep these coming, Angels Grandma. You’re quite the Halos treasure, yourself.