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MondoLinks: Boomstick coming for the Redbirds

Doug Benc/Getty Images

We are inching ever so closer to the magical day when pitchers and catchers report to spring training.  Also, any day now we should be hearing who the Angels non roster invitees are for spring training, so at least we have something to look forward to.

A Little Bit of Angels News

Jahmai Jones thinks he has something to prove this year.  I think he's already been proving it.

Mike Trout is doing Trout things and making fans happy.  And while we are talking about Angels doing good things, the skipper and his wife hosted an anniversary gala for a school in Thousand Oaks.


Everywhere In Baseball

Dipoto and his "win now" approach with the Mariners is getting more press.  Dipoto insists his moves haven't hurt the farm system and he's trying to win now so as to not waste the talents of Felix Hernandez, Nelson Cruz, Robinson Cano, and Kyle Seager.

The Padres are still interested in Jered Weaver.  I think he would do well on that staff and given their current options, probably be a top 3 rotation guy.

Have you seen my boomstick?  The Cardinals may soon be feeling the wrath of MLB as a decision is looming (possibly this week) in regards to the email and player database hacking scandal.  You can read more about newly released details of this case here.

Here's a story on the Twins recent 2-day hitting summit. Torii Hunter was there as well, since he is the Twins’ new special assistant to baseball operations

Speaking of the Twins, could Mike Napoli land in the Mini-Apple?

MLB Pipeline put out their top 100 prospects list for 2017 recently, and guess who doesn't have a player on there AGAIN?


Trade Winds

Not much to speak of here.  There's been very little trade talk or news the past few days.

More of some non trade signs, but Brandon Moss is going to the Royals and the Twins are showing interest in a Justin Morneau reunion.

The Duffle Bag

After a recent week of bad news involving car crashes, infielder Sean Rodriguez and his family had a scare of their own on Saturday when they were T-boned by a stolen police cruiser.  While Rodriguez and his family should be okay, the driver of the stolen cruiser didn't survive.

Sean Doolittle is up to his usual antics.  What do you think of the Athletics news uniforms?

Randy Johnson channeled his inner Babe Ruth and attempted to call his shot during the USC alumni game

If you don't follow Bsmile on Twitter, you are missing out on some awesome vintage Baseball pics.


(On a 2-week hiatus while Stirrups deals with a teensy bit of travel time)