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Angels milestones to watch for in 2017

Several milestones are on the horizon. Here are the ones to watch for this year

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

It will come as no surprise that Mike Trout and Albert Pujols will reach some new milestones in 2017, but they aren’t the only ones. Here are some fun ones to watch for in 2017 and if the season goes south, it will give us something to be excited about.

600 Home Runs

Considering Albert Pujols is only 9 homeruns away from this historic mark, it would take a catastrophe for this to not happen. Pujols will be one of only 9 players in baseball history to reach this mark. If he can hit 18 homeruns (likely), he’ll pass up Sammy Sosa for 8th all time. 21 homeruns will put him at 7th. The old man also has a chance to catch Ken Griffey Jr. for 6th on the all time list if he can knock out 39, but that could be a stretch. Enjoy this season as he passes up a few dudes because in 2018 it’s going to get increasingly difficult to leap frog anyone other than Griffey Jr since the leader board starts to get pretty spread out.

1,700 Runs

That is a hell of a lot of runs scored. Albert Pujols needs just 30 more to reach this mark. Pujols, who is already #30 on the all time runs scored list, could jump up to #22 if he can score 100 more runs in 2017.

200 Home Runs / 200 Doubles

Last year, Mike Trout already reached 600 runs scored which is huge given his age. This year, he needs only 32 more home runs to knock in 200 for his career. Trout is also just 25 doubles shy of 200 and he has yet to have a season with less than 27 two-baggers and that was his shortened 2012 rookie year.

600 RBIs

It’s not unlikely that Mike Trout can hit his 600th RBI in 2017. He is only 3 shy of 500 and while he only hit 100 last year, he should have more people on base this year to drive in. I’d probably put money on him reaching 600 which means 103+ RBIs in 2017.

500 Walks

Yep. Mike Trout again. Trout will actually come close to 600 walks by the end of the years since he’s only 23 shy of 500 and was walked a record 116 times in 2016. By the end up 2017, Mike Trout will have nearly 600 walks, 200 home runs, 200 doubles, 700 runs scored and possibly 600 RBIs by his age 26 season. Some dudes are just getting called up to the big leagues when they turn 26 and Mike Trout will have already done all that.

200 Stolen Bases

Ben Revere may not be playing a whole lot in 2017, but he’s only 10 swipes away from 200 stolen bases and he’s only 28 years old. It’s not a crazy impressive milestone, but still cool and one in which Revere will probably get to keep the base.

1,000 Hits

This one is entirely dependent on how much action Revere sees in 2017 but he is only 178 hits away from this mark. It’s probably unlikely he gets here in 2017 but if there are injuries, he has a chance. He’d have to get close to 600 AB though so this one is a bit of a dream and has a better chance of happening in 2018.

1,500 Strike Outs

Ricky Nolasco is already #259 on the all time K leader board. He only needs 130 more to reach 1,500 and if he notches as least 145, he could crack the top 200 all time K leaders this year.

50 Wins

Not a huge milestone, but still a cool one. Matt Shoemaker is 18 away and Garrett Richards is just 10 away. Richards should have no problem if he stays healthy and Shoemaker will have to have a lot less bad luck this year to reach 50. Matt Shoemaker is also only 112 Ks away from 500 and Richards needs just 69 more to reach 600 Ks.

So what is your favorite milestone to watch for in 2017? Did I miss any?