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There are guys in the Angels organization who were born in the 00’s and now I feel old

Houston Astros v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Josh Barber/Angels Baseball LP/Getty Images

A few weeks ago, Taylor Blake Ward over at Scout posted the entire Angels organizational roster, with every single Halo currently in their system listed. You can check it out here, in all it’s splendor.

I looked it over, and you know what? I feel old!

At the age of 36, I’m a few years past that magical point in time where you start realizing how old you are, usually from stuff like social media posts in which an anniversary of a famous album or movie is discussed...that sort of thing. However, nothing hammers my burgeoning oldness home more than the ages of some of these guys on the organizational chart.

To be more specific, the ages of Daniel Ozoria, Tulio Santa Maria, Edwin Bisay, Adderlin Santana and Luis Diaz. What’s so special about this group of young, latin Angels? They were all born in the year 2000. I repeat: THERE ARE GUYS IN THE ANGELS SYSTEM THAT WERE BORN IN 2000!

Sure, these are international signings who are far, far, far, far away from actually reaching their big league dreams, but it’s still somewhat crazy for me to think that the are five guys in the Halos org that weren’t even born in the 20th century.

Having some more fun with the roster, I wanted to see who the oldest Angels player of them all is, although it’s really a no brainer, as old man Albert Pujols (born in 1980) , takes that honor. That was actually the same year I was born! See? I told you I was old (of course, that’s if you believe Pujols’ listed birthday to be correct, and not off by about 4-5 years).

Hopefully this article makes some of you guys feel old, too, and then you can commiserate alongside me.

Bonus question: Who was the last person to put on an Angels uniform that was born in the 1970s?