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Mike Scioscia is the 9th longest serving manager (for one team) in MLB history - and counting

When his contract is up at the end of next season, he’ll climb to #7 on that list and could go higher

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Chicago White Sox Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Ever wonder how long Mike Scioscia could manager the Angels? Like Albert Pujols, Scioscia is climbing the leader boards - just in a different category. Also like Pujols, that #1 spot is probably out of his reach (unless Scioscia manages the Angels until he is 91 years old).

However, it’s possible he could land in the top 5 as he is well loved within the organization and we could even see him get extended BEYOND the 2018 season. Consider that a 5 year extension would put him at #4 on the list below.

Long serving managers usually (but not always) have a good track record to show for their service. Six of the 10 managers on this list won more than 1 World Series and all of them aside from Mike Scioscia and Sparky Anderson took home more than 1 league championship.

Check out the list below:

50 years. Connie Mack, Athletics, 1901-1950
He also part owner from 1901-1936 and full owner from 1936-1954
5x World Series Champions
9x AL Champions

31 years. John McGraw, Giants, 1902-1932
Spent 5 of the 31 years as a player/manager
3x World Series Champions
10x NL Champions

24 years. Bobby Cox, Braves 1978-1981, 1990-2010
1x World Series Champions
5x NL Champions
4x Manager of the year

23 years. Walter Alston, Dodgers, 1954-1976
4x World Series Champions
7x NL Champions

21 years, Tommy Lasorda, Dodgers, 1976-1996
2x World Series Champions
4x NL Champions
2x Manager of the year

19 years. Cap Anson, Cubs, 1879-1897
Cap Anson was a player/manager for 19 years
5x NL Champions

18 years. Bucky Harris, Senators, 1924-1928, 1935-1942, 1950-1954
Harris served as manager 3 different times for 18 total years
1x World Series Champions
2x AL Champions

18 years. Wilbert Robinson, Brooklyn Robins (Dodgers), 1914-1931
2x NL Champions

17 years. Mike Scioscia, Angels, 2000- ?
1x World Series Champions
1x AL Champions
2x Manager of the year

17 years. Sparky Anderson, Tigers, 1979-1995
1x World Series Champions
1x AL Champions
2x Manager of the year

(manager of the year awards started in 1983)