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Let the readers decide: Upton’s opt-out

In or out: Which is best for the Angels?

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Oakland Athletics Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

In just a few days, Justin Upton will have to decide whether or not to exercise the opt-out clause in his contract. If he does, he’ll hit the free-agent market as one of the top players available. If he doesn’t, he’ll be under contract with the Angels for the next four years at an annual rate of $22.125 million.

In regards to which decision is better for the Angels, there are two arguments to be made here. So we made both of them. Jeff Joiner explained why the Angels are better off with Upton opting out of his contract while Chad Stewart asserted the opposite, spelling out why the Angels should hope that Upton opts into his contract.

The two sides of the debate can be found below, and each is accompanied by a response from the author of the opposing argument. After reading both, decide which one you agree with most, and make your voice heard in the poll and the comment section.

Jeff’s argument can be found here.

Chad’s response: I think Jeff’s overall argument is sound, but relying on someone like an aging Jarrod Dyson to play left field would just feel like the Angels were right back in the same situation they’ve been in for the last few years; he’s never even recorded 400 plate appearances in a season and is more of a complimentary player, of which the Angels have many. Upton is an All-Star, of which the Angels have few.

Spreading money around the field to a few Dysons rather than one Upton is a fine proposition. However, that’s what the Angels have been forced to do recently because of a messy payroll situation (Danny Espinosa, Cameron Maybin, etc.), and it hasn’t worked. They no longer have to do that, and Upton is the player the Angels were in desperate need of; it would be a shame if his time in Anaheim was limited to a month.

Chad’s argument can be found here.

Jeff’s response: You make great points, Upton is an All Star caliber player who would team with Trout and Calhoun to make a great outfield. However, his signing likely means an infield of Simba and 3 sub par compliments. If we put all of our eggs, or just too many, into the Upton basket, we will be left with too many other holes and an overly top heavy payroll.

Let’s spread that $22 million around and have a more solid 1-9 rather than a great top of the order and a bottom third with no hope of contributing.


Which is best for the Angels?

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  • 77%
    Upton opts in.
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  • 22%
    Upton opts out.
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