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Thor’sLinks: Astronomical!

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Houston becomes first (modern) AL West team to win the World Series since the Angels.

World Series - Houston Astros v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Seven Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Much like the epic Angels-Giants see-saw battle in 2002, this rollercoaster of a series mercifully comes to an anti-climactic, yet still very much cathartic end. With five runs in the first two innings, the Houston Astros took control early and A.J. Hinch was not about to let momentum swing the other way, showing decisiveness with his pitching changes and eschewing convention.

Rarely does a World Series end without second-guessing at least one of the mangers, of course. Dave Roberts leaves himself open to criticism for not yanking Yu Darvish, who struggled with a World Series ERA of 21.60, earlier. That seems weird to say, considering Darvish failed to get out of the second inning in both those starts, though a case could be made for starting Kershaw, even if only for a few innings, to get his team started on the right foot. Instead, he elected to save him for an out he would never see.

While Dodger fans have a long offseason ahead of them debating these topics, the rest of us get to stand up and applaud one of the most exciting series of our lifetimes, before moving on to our offseason wish lists.

Have some World Series hangover links:

A Little Bit of Angels News

Healing Halos: Some positive news regarding J.C. Ramirez, as his elbow ligament continues to repair itself after a Garrett Richards-inspired stem cell injection. Also updates on Matt Shoemaker and Nick Tropeano, who began their throwing programs without incident.

At least one Angels beat writer could not help but troll the Dodgers a bit.

OK, Sports Illustrated, enjoy your moment. It might be the first time in a decade anyone looks towards you as a relevant source for anything other than a launching pad for a bikini model’s career.

The Red Sox continue to creep backwards from their analytic ways, hiring Tony La Russa as vice president. Between him and Dave Dombrowski, will the Sox have any prospects left before the start of next season?

On the other end of the spectrum, the Phillies have been following the Astros’ model of tearing things down and stockpiling prospects. Current GM (and former Angels assistant) Matt Klentak has selected the well-regarded Gabe Kapler as the club’s new manager. Kapler, the former big league outfielder who has spent the last three years as the Dodgers’ director of player development, has long been an analytic darling but has no previous managerial experience.

The Duffle Bag

The start of the Shohei Otani era has hit a potential snag... Yasiel Puig had a pretty horrible night, even by losing-game-7 standards... Sometimes a cliché just works best: know when to hold ‘em...

Finally, an apology to all our our readers for the missing Halolinks yesterday. It was my responsibility and I dropped the ball. Hope I didn’t disrupt too many morning routines.