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These Angels minor leaguers became free agents, per Baseball America

Batting practice at San Manuel Stadium on August 18, 2017.
Photo by Rahul Setty/Halos Heaven

Baseball America released the list of minor leaguers that became free agents on Tuesday. Here are the Angels that became minor leaguers.

RHP: Austin Adams (AAA) | Abel de los Santos (AAA) | Luis E. Diaz (AAA) | Drew Gagnon (AAA) | Ivan Hernandez (AA) | Sam Holland (Hi A) | Eric Karch (Hi A) | Jhondaniel Medina (AA) | David Perez (R) | Brooks Pounders (AAA)

LHP: Manny Banuelos (AAA) | Cody Ege (AAA) | Kevin Grendell (AA) | Jason Gurka (AAA) | John Lamb (AAA)

C: Francisco Arcia (AAA)

1B: Dustin Ackley (AAA)

2B: Nick Franklin (AAA)

SS: Rey Navarro (AAA)

OF: Forrestt Allday (AA)

Most notable from this group, in my view, is sidearming righty Sam Holland, LHP Kevin Grendell, and RHP Abel de los Santos.

I got the chance to see Holland pitch with the Inland Empire 66ers in August. His signature pitch, the sinker, definitely did not sink that day, as he gave up three runs in the ninth inning and took the loss. Manager Chad Tracy stated before the game his sinker and slider had had good action and movement for a while—evident by not just scouts but his 2.41 ERA (18.2 IP, 12 G) from then dating back to July 5th. Holland, 23, had a 3.22 ERA (4.67 FIP) on the season is a major-league caliber piece when the sinker is on.

Between time on the disabled list and on the field, Grendell was unable to develop any consistency this season. He could not hone his command.

I previously wrote about Abel de los Santos here, who projects as a middle reliever.

Drew Gagnon, Brooks Pounders, and Austin Adams were all acquired before the season in various moves, but none were able to distinguish themselves this season.

Relief depth in the organization definitely took a hit here, though it is interesting that nearly all of the players becoming free agents are ones that Eppler acquired relatively recently.