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MLB Winter Meetings: Angels trade for Tigers 2B Ian Kinsler is a done deal

He wasn’t at the top of my second base wish list, but he makes sense for the Halos.

Minnesota Twins v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

After hearing numerous rumors about talks and back and forth between the Angels and veteran 2B Ian Kinsler, it looks like Billy Eppler has finally gone and done it. Ian Kinsler is set to become the Halos newest injection of veteran talent at the second base spot, and whether we love or hate or hate to love Kinsler, I think we’ll all wish him the best with his new club.

With four words and a hashtag, Ken Rosenthal lit the Halosphere on fire with yet another important signing of the offseason:

Kinsler is a good defender, and you have to think that with him and Andrelton Simmons, as well as other pieces of the infield puzzle, that they’ll be quite dynamic on the defensive side of things. Of course, we said this last year about Danny Espinosa, but unlike Espinosa, Kinsler could actually hit the ball last season. He had a slash line of .236/.313/.412 in 613 PAs, with 22 dingers, and if you compare that to the output the Angels got from their second base core last year (.207/.274/.318 ), then you start to see that this move is, at the very least, an improvement.

Kinsler had to waive his no-trade clause before the deal could get agreed upon, but once he was willing to do that, the Tigers and Angels decided to pull the trigger on this one. Kinsler is currently owed $11 million next season, after which he’ll be a free agent.

So, the 2018 squad is coming more and more into focus, and I am willing to forget about any misgivings or ill will I’ve felt towards Kinsler, as a fan of a team that seemed to face him regularly, and welcome him into open arms. Well, if he helps the club win, at least. He’s a Halo now, not a Ranger or Tiger. He’s a Halo. Who could have possibly seen this one coming, though?


Yo, Rahul. Yer boy is on the Angels now!

Update 4:43PM PST:

Buster Olney is now saying there is no deal in place between Tigers and Angels.

I’ll say this, though: Ken Rosenthal has broken up a ton of Angels stories. He’s been first with a lot of stuff in the Halos organization, so I’m inclined to believe him when/if he says he has a source on some breaking news. Still, this is a situation to monitor, and I suppose if ever there’s a time when I’m stoked to retract a story, this is it.

Update 5:44PM PST:

We’ve still got no official word or anything like that, but the deal is still in the works. Most are speculating that either they’re working out the details of who the Tigers get in return, or another team, like the Mets, are coming in with a strong counter offer. However, it’s been reported in the last 20 minutes that the Mets aren’t in on Kinsler any more.

So, that’s where they’re at. This thing will be wrapped up soon, I bet, and Ken Rosenthal will have been right all along (like he almost always is). Jon Heyman sums up the current status nicely:

Enjoy your new second baseman, Ian Kinsler!

Update 6:00PM PST:

Ok, it's a done deal now. Everybody reporting, even ol Buster.

Update 6:14PM PST:

Here's first word ive seen of players involved in this deal: