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Billy Eppler strikes again! Angels sign IF Zack Cozart to three-year, $38 mil deal

Cozart has mostly played SS, but he’ll move over to 3B for the Halos and also provide depth in case of injury to Kinsler or Simmons. Amazing move once again from our venerable GM, Billy Eppler.

Pittsburgh Pirates v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

This winter doesn’t want to slow down or stop at all, does it? I should clarify, I guess: When I say “winter” I’m referring to the MLB offseason, and when I say “doesn’t want to slow down or stop at all” I’m specifically talking about the man with the plan, the GM who is all about TCB, the front office god himself, BILLY F****** EPPLER!

A week ago, it was the Shohei Ohtani news, and this week, it was Ian Kinsler, and now word has broken that the Angels have acquired their 3B solution in Cincinnati Reds’ IF Zack Cozart. This is getting insane, Halos fans! WOW.

Here’s the team, already blasting out the requisite pic of their new infielder in his new team colors. Beautiful, aint it?

It was Ken Rosenthal who was first with this one today, but the team was already announcing it just as Ken was posting the confirmation of his scoop. The Angels are getting their new man on a three year, $38 million deal.

Cozart just had a kickass 2017 season, in which he slashed .297/.385/.548, and career bests in homers (24), triples (7) and doubles (24). Cozart is also coming off of a season where he had his best discipline at the dish, showing MLB his best walk rate percentage (12.2%), to boot.

His glove was already a known commodity, although the catch here is that he was a defensive stud at the shortstop position. The Angels currently have one Andrelton Simmons at SS, of course, but Cozart should have no problem moving to 3B, considering how adept he is at playing the defensive side of the game.

Cozart dramatically improves the Angels’ already insane infield defense, and he also gives them some good depth options, in case Ian Kinsler or even Andrelton Simmons were to get injured.

He’s another righty at the plate, which is less than ideal, but outside of that, this is another sweet, and surprising, pick-up from the Angels’ front office. Billy Eppler gets yet another guy with a good bat, but an even better glove, and fans everywhere should be signing the praises of Eppler Tha God.

Of course, most of us hadn’t stopped singing those praises since last Friday, and rightfully so. This has been one hell of a winter, and we knew the Halos weren’t done yet. Now, within the span of a week, they have become a formidable force in not just the AL, but the MLB at large. That defense is going to be RIDIC! The hitting is going to be better than 2017, at the very, very least, and it’s going to be CRAY AF at best!

Welcome to the party, Mr. Cozart. Can’t wait to see you and the rest of these new faces destroying opposing teams next season and breaking their fans’ hearts.