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HumpLinks: DIY Link Day!

It’s a Do It Yourself Links fest! Let’s see how well you can do!

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Chicago White Sox
Let’s give Pujols some love. He’s a family guy, and this is a family week.
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It’s officially the holiday season. Last week my experiment on crowd-sourcing the daily news links went fantastic. Far beyond my best hopes. Congratulations to all of you who stepped up and volunteered something of interest to the community. It’s a valuable thing. During these slow days not everybody can step up and help, but then not everybody is around to read and chat and participate in the sharing of ideas.

But here we are back. I am out of town again. Yeah, I know. For an old dog I do take far more than my fair share of walks. I am out to Palm Springs and without my laptop all week so I am opening things up to those of you are are not so locked away from baseball fun. I have created an Open Links Forum through January 1 and will be letting you people have your own chat room to share things of interest, LAA and beyond. But if I trip over anything fun or important that I can post from my phone, I will be joining the crowd as a DIY link fest peer.

Again, you know how to find stuff, but I am giving you tips below anyway. Some of my go-to starting points. You also know the rules. Stick to baseball, focus on the Angels as much as possible, and all the other comment rules remain in force.

Let’s keep killing it with with DIY-Offseason-Links:

A Little Bit of Angels News

This is usually the hardest place to find fresh stuff because the LAA organization is quiet by default. But here and here are good launch points for trying to track down stuff.........It’s also wise to do the obvious, such as google “Mike Trout news”..........Of course, you people are already pretty good at finding stuff on your own as the day goes by.

Everywhere In Baseball

Baseball is about more than just players moving around, or rumors of players moving around. Keep current at places like this (obviously).....and this.....and this......and even places like these......Most people right now are fascinated by the hot stove, but there will still be good things to think about between blockbuster moments..........

Hot Stove

It’s still hot stove season. Other teams are reacting to Eppler & Cashman. you can keep up with good stuff here for general baseball, and also here. And for LAA-specific rumors, use this. When you find something, LINK IT!..........

The Duffle Bag

You guys can also link to fun, short stuff you trip across. Try not to go off topic too much or too far!.........