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Where, when & how to watch: All the details on the Angels press conference for Shohei Ohtani

Yesterday still seems like a dream, but I have been reassured over and over that it indeed happened: Japanese baseball superhero Shohei Ohtani chose to sign with the Angels after an exciting and nerve racking free agency period like most fans have never witnessed before. He’s 23-yeas-old, he is an ace and a slugger, simultaneously; a freak in the best way possible, and one that, if baseball analysts and scouts are even halfway correct, could rival Mike Trout in jaw-dropping highlights.

By now, you’ve seen a mixtape or three of Ohtani’s sickest moments, and you’ve read numerous articles on him, rereading the most beastly and unbelievable parts while shaking your head. Yes, THAT player is going to be fighting with our Halos for AL West, American League and MLB supremacy. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, indeed.

To introduce their new pitcher/DH/1B/etc, who also happens to be MLB Pipeline’s #1 prospect on their Top 100 Prospects list, the Angels are having one of their epic, outdoor, open-to-the-public pressers. It’s going down TODAY at 3pm at the Big A, so now you know what to do with your afternoon.

I’m going to be there, at least for a little bit, but hopefully for the whole shebang, and if you don’t have anything else going on (or you don’t live out of state, or if you do you have access to a private jet), then head on down! You’ll be able to tell your grandchildren you were there when the Halosphere met Ohtani.

We’ll most likely see him put on that sacred Angels uni for the first time, too, and we learned last night that Ohtani is going to be wearing #17:

Jim Fregosi most famously wore #17 for the Halos, along with 25 other players. Here’s the list of 17s that Ohtani is going to join:

Shane Robinson (2016-2017)

Chris Iannetta (2012-2015)

Jason Bulger (2011)

Terry Evans (2010)

Darin Erstad (1999-2006)

Trevor Wilson (1998)

Chuck McElroy (1996-1997)

Ben VanRyn (1996)

Spike Owen (1994-1995)

Kelly Gruber (1993)

Chad Curtis (1992)

Dick Schofield (1990-1992)

Jack Lazorko (1987-1988)

Tony Mack (1985)

Ellis Valentine (1983)

Dave LaRoche (1977-1980)

Orlando Alvarez (1976)

Mickey Rivers (1974-1975)

Bobby Brooks (1973)

Leo Cardenas (1972)

Alex Johnson (1970-1971)

Vern Geishert (1969)

Bill Harrelson (1968)

Moose Stubing (1967)

Fred Newman (1962-1967)

Jim Fregosi (1961)

So, 3pm. It’s going down at Angel Stadium. If you can’t make it, then you can watch the whole thing on FSW (check your local listings), and if you don’t have cable or tv or cable tv, then you can stream it on FSW’s site RIGHT HERE. This is going to be a good Saturday for Angels fans. Now, if only I could make it to Mike Trout’s wedding...