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Angels sign un-drafted RHP Sam Tolleson to a minor league deal

Tolleson recently converted to a pitcher

The last notable non-drafted player picked up by the Angels was Matt Shoemaker, and I’d say he worked out pretty well. Taylor Blake Ward is reporting that Tolleson recently converted to a pitcher and he has a pretty cool scouting video (see below).

You can check out Tolleson’s stats here, although you won’t find much in the way of pitching stats other than the 2.2 innings he threw in 2014 for the college summer league team the Martinsville Mustangs.

Tolleson was hitting 92-94 MPH on scout day at Driveline Baseball. Check out the difference one year can make:

Undrafted guys like this have a tough road to the big leagues, but the above is some pretty cool data and videos. Good luck Sam Tolleson!