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Angels Spring Training: First Full Squad workout delayed again

Clouds of mystery pourin' confusion on the ground

It’s another wet day in Tempe. While the rain is finally ending, it kept going all night and the fields are just too wet to unleash the lads today. The stadium was empty.

The team did get out and throw a bit on the main field but the gates were closed and that was the extent of activities besides hitting from the cages.

This rain out thing is new to me and probably most Halo fans. And I can tell you, it sucks. There are rain delays, but a season delayed? It’s painful. The positives today are that we got another Facebook Live presser this morning - this one from Albert Pujols. It’s a good thing they started Spring Training early because of the WBC - seems like we’re back on a normal spring schedule now.

Hold tight - tomorrow should be a good one —-and games are less than a week away