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Angels #3 prospect Brandon Marsh hits some bombs in Tempe Diablo

If you’ve ever looked online for some good video of Brandon Marsh, the Angels’ 2nd round pick from the 2016 draft and current #3 prospect in their system, then you’ve probably come away disappointed. Since he turned pro, we haven’t gotten that many looks at him, which isn’t anything out of the ordinary, really, considering he has yet to take the field for any Halos affiliate. That’s why I get so excited when I see some footage of him taking some BP in Tempe, Arizona.

Here we have Marsh, with his sock game on point, serving up one crack of the bat after another, ultimately sending one into the stratosphere for a dinger (or “biscuit”, as the Instagram account likes to say).

Nice swing he’s got there, and he’s also rocking an 80 grade flowing mane of hair. 2017 is going to rule on the Angels front, for many different reasons, one of which will be getting to see Marsh go toe to toe with some legit competition. I can’t wait. Until then, we’ve got this Instagram post.