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Vegas loves Mike Trout winning the 2017 AL MVP award (but they love him for MVP every year)

Also, if you’re in to long shots, then I’ve got an Albert Pujols bet for you.

Seattle Mariners v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

If you’re an Angels fan who also happens to have a penchant for betting on your beloved Halos, then I can go ahead and assume a couple things: First, you have probably lost everything you own in this world at least once, probably multiple times, and two, this post will make you want to take a loan out on everything you own.

Yep, we’re talking some good, ol’ fashioned betting here...or rather, betting odds. Even more specific, MVP betting odds. If you had a wad of cash in your hands right now, and had to let it all ride on player of your choosing winning the American League Most Valuable Player award, who would you take?

Yeah, me too, obvs.

Wait, you said “Mike Trout”, right?

Ok, cool. Just checking. But yeah, that’s as no-brainer as no-brainers can possible come. The dude (Trout) has already won two MVPs in his young, five-seasons-long career, and in the years he didn’t win, the dude (again, Trout) came in 2nd place. There are so few “sure things” in this world; there is the cliche death and taxes, but the next sure thing is the fact that Mike Trout will always be in the running for MVP come season’s end.

Before last season started, Trout was Vegas’ favorite to win the AL MVP, and this year is the same. Let’s take a look at the 2017 AL MVP betting odds, shall we? Courtesy of Bovada:

‘17 AL MVP odds

Player Odds
Player Odds
Mike Trout 5/4
Mookie Betts 5/1
Jose Altuve 10/1
Miguel Cabrera 12/1
Josh Donaldson 14/1
Manny Machado 14/1
Carlos Correa 16/1
Gary Sanchez 18/1
Robinson Cano 20/1
Nelson Cruz 33/1

Mike Trout...the man you can trust with your mortgage and/or auto loan money. (I’m actually just not mortgage your home or get a title loan on your car, just so you can put a bet on Mike Trout for 2017 AL MVP, ok?)

If you are thirsty for some more AL betting odds, here’s how the Cy Young race is looking right now:

AL Cy Young odds

Player Odds
Player Odds
Chris Sale 7/2
Corey Kluber 9/2
Yu Darvish 12/1
Aaron Sanchez 12/1
Justin Verlander 12/1
Chris Archer 14/1
Masahiro Tanaka 14/1
Carlos Carrasco 16/1
David Price 16/1
Cole Hamels

OK, so no Angels on that, not even the top 30. Oh well.

I also tried to find some Angels in the HR leader odds, but outside of Mike Trout again (Vegas gives you 20/1 odds that Trout wins the AL homer crown), there was nobody. Well, that’s not entirely true.

Albert Pujols was on there, at 100/1 odds that he out-dingerz all the other dingerz. 100/1? So you’re telling me there’s a chance?