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Albert Pujols is coming back & this is totally great news

Chicago Cubs v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Albert Pujols is running some bases again. He’ll make his spring training debut later this week. This is great news, seriously. Mmhmm.

I’m ecstatic to hear that Pujols, who had foot surgery back in December and was thought to be a goner for opening day, is close to coming back, I swear I am. His bat, back in the Angels lineup? Uh, yes please! Yep, heh...

So, we don’t have to worry about that beast mode-possible, two-headed combo of C.J. Cron and Luis Valbuena switching off at 1B and DH this season (Cron is currently 7-19 this spring, with one homer, and Valbuena is 4-13 with three doubles). Pujols is back so those two can get playing time elsewhere. Awesome! That’s seriously some really, really, REALLY good news!

The Pujols-is-back part, is what I’m talking about, just to be clear.

Some were worried we’d have to see some Jefry Marte this season, too, if Pujols were to miss a decent amount of time. Marte is 8-20 in cactus league play so far, with two homers, but who cares?! Albert Pujols is coming back, know...Marte can chill in SLC or something, I guess. We’re getting The Machine back into the lineup, so forget all those other dudes.

Cron, Valbuena, Marte...pfffffft. Pujols is a stud. I’m super stoked he’s on his way back into the lineup. I like when he hits homers, and the big numbers at the stadium get changed, because he’s getting close to 600 dingers, you know?! Homers! Man, Pujols is boss. I was worried there would be no Pujols in the lineup to start the year, but now it’s looking possible that I don’t have to worry about Valbuena, Marte or Cron all that much.


Pujols is back, back to hit those dingers, and run tho-...walk around those bases gingerly...and do other stuff, probably. Just wait. It’ll be rad. This guy hits dingers and makes tons of money, he’s a legend, a HOFer. Pujols is coming back, and we get to see less of some other cool Halos, but c’mon, they’re NOT Albert Pujols.