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Keynan or Kenyan - a Cactus League mystery

Go ahead and search both names. I dare you. It just might confuse you more.

MLB: Los Angeles Angels-Media Day Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Keynan Middleton should find himself in the left field bullpen at some point this year. But wait - is it Keynan or Kenyan? And how do you pronounce his name??

Let’s make the first for Keynan shall we?

Exhibit A: The Angels Roster on

This should be pretty definitive right?

Exhibit B & C: Baseball Reference and Fan Graphs

Case closed, right? Well, not so fast. I talked to a friend in Portland, OR who played softball with his mom and she spelled it as “Kenyan”. But maybe she just spelled wrong? Also, this friend said it’s pronounced “Ken-Yan”.

Exhibit D: Angels Spring Training Media Guide (Photo by Rex)

That certainly throws a whole wrench in everything doesn’t it? Unfortunately , his name was also not listed in the pronunciation guide so that doesn’t help.

Exhibit E: Baseball America tweet

Exhibit F: Angles link summary on

They spelled it both ways - go figure.

In the end, I’m pretty certain it’s spelled “Keynan”, but then again, am I? And how do you pronounce it? This just may be the greatest mystery of Spring Training 2017. Stay tuned for the resolution - if we get one.