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MLB announces 2017 special event uniforms

Hats, socks, and jerseys oh my!

MLB is at it again, and the lineup of 2017 special event uniforms has been released. You can even check out all the special event socks here. Not gonna lie, I’ll probably but some of those socks. The rest of the stuff? I’m not so sure.

Also, as Strirrups mentioned in the daily links, there will now be a star patch on the players’ sleeves for the ASG and inside that star will be a number indicating total number of ASG appearances.

Lest you think MLB is being TOO greedy, proceeds from the sales of special event uniforms will donated to numerous charities.

Also, check out under the visor of the Home Run Derby caps:

Do you have any favorites? Overall, I think they did a pretty good job on designs this year.