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Rangers beat Angels 8-3, but it don’t matter; none of this matters

MLB: Texas Rangers at Los Angeles Angels Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 3 Rangers 8

So, the Angels played a getaway game against the Rangers today...emphasis on the “getaway”, because I sorely wish the Rangers would get away from the Big A and never come back. For the first time in 2017, our guys have lost a series, and it was in quite the ugly fashion; sure, they won the first one, but the last two contests have done their best to try and erase all the hype and goodwill that was accrued during opening week.

Today, the Halos weren’t going to have it easy to begin with, as they had to face Yu Darvish. Darvish pitched seven innings, only gave up five hits, and struck out 10 Angels batters.

Oh. Cool.

Meanwhile, the most worrisome aspect of the team at the moment...the pitching...looked as troublesome as it did last night, with starter Ricky Nolasco giving up a couple big homers (he now leads the AL in homers allowed, so there’s that) in the earlier innings (including giving up a bomb to Carlos Gomez on the 2nd pitch of the game), effectively showing us where this game was headed hours before it’d get there. The destination? Loserville, with Nolasco driving the bus.

You will probably be shocked to learn that Nolasco didn’t make it six or more innings. You will probably be shocked to find out that Daniel Wright, who pitched four relief innings, also got dinged up by the Texas bats. Pitching, man. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

These starting arms are problematic. If they continuously struggle to make it five innings, let alone six, then this is going to be a crazy year. I’ve got no other choice than to believe that they will eventually begin to heat up, get into some sort of rhythm, and become good...or at least competent.

Who wants some good news? Well, it was in short supply today, but Danny Espinosa hit a three-run jack in the 9th, his third of the year (tied with Mike Trout for team HR leader), and Mike Trout had a decent day, that’s always fun (2-2, BB). Ummm...that’s about it.

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