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Game 22 Angels Boxscore Breakdown - Like a heartbeat followed by a heart attack

9 innings of not much happening until both fanbases were rocked in extra innings

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Angels Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Have you ever seen one of those EKG graphs? A steady heartbeat, up and down. Back and forth. This is what last night’s game looked and felt like for an entire 9 innings.

JC Ramirez and Jesse Hahn were shutting down the other side, going back and forth like a slow tennis volley. It was exciting but not - all at the same time. Ramirez, who was only making his 3rd MLB start of his career put up an 81 game score and struck out 7 over 7 innings, allowing only 2 hits and 2 walks. The Angels couldn’t have expected any more out of him and he delivered. Unfortunately, so did Jesse Hahn who has an impressive 2.08 ERA so far in 2017.

That is a WHOLE LOT of zeros. Winning odds for either team pretty much stayed around the 50% range the entire game until the Angels peaked at 62.8% going into the bottom of the 9th. And then? Bonus baseball time.

The ground shook and hearts skipped a beat when Josh Phegley took a first pitch by Jose Alvarez deep to start off the 10th inning, and Angels fans figured the game was over. At a 15.2% chance to win the game, it almost was.

Thankfully, the Angels have Mike Trout and when he homered in the bottom of the 10th, the odds shot back up to 62.8%. Advantage: Angels. After Albert Pujols singled, and Ben Revere pinch ran, then stole second base - the Angels probably should have won the game. Tie game for the home team with zero outs and a runner at second base equaled an 80.3% chance of pulling out a victory. But it didn’t happen and the odds for either team when back to around the 50-60% range.

Kole Calhoun came through in the bottom of the 11th with his first ever career walk-off, after a previously struggling Brooks Pounders managed to keep the Oakland bats quiet.

It was a slow rolling ebb and tide of a game until the tidal waves hit in extra innings. The emotion was exhilarating and the victory was sweet.