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Cameron Maybin was the grand marshal of the Angels hit parade in 8-5 win over A’s

The Angels had a season high in hits, and Matt Shoemaker got his first win. That’s three in a row, the Halos’ tide is turning.

Oakland Athletics v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

Angels 8 Athletics 5

Listen to the thunder. It’s here, and tonight, at least, it was a snarling, sky-cracking boom that resonated throughout the southland. The Angels bats showed up, big time, and it helped them win their third game in a row. Are those Halos tides turning, finally getting both sides of the game on the same page, same wavelength and same general ass-kicking state of mind? I still believe, that’s all I’m saying.

But how about this game, though?! Matt Shoemaker gave 5.0 IP, and while he struck out seven Athletics batters, he also gave up seven hits and two earned runs. He had to throw 100 pitches in those five innings, too, so it wasn’t a cakewalk by any means. He fought and fought and got aggressive and it ended up earning him his first W of the season.

Of course, that’s because Shoemaker, and the rest of the relief staff, had plenty of offensive support tonight, something that they’ve yet to be able to rely upon in these past couple weeks of play. No, tonight, they would have made Al Swearengen proud, because after taking plenty punishment, they were ready to give some back to the baseball gods.

The Angels lineup had 14 total hits, their highest total of the year, so far. They put eight runs on the board, buoyed by a big, 4-run seventh inning, and a three-run second didn’t hurt either. So, with all these guys going crazy with the sticks, who was the cream of the crop? I’m giving that accolade to Cameron Maybin; may he keep raking like how we saw him rake tonight, forever and ever, Mayben...err, amen.

Maybin had three hits, he drove in three runs, and that’s including a clutch single with two-outs on the board. The man’s been heating up, and hopefully that will send all the right signals to Mike Scioscia’s brain, commanding him to keep Maybin in LF unless it’s 100% absolutely necessary. Get ‘em, Cray May.

Kole Calhoun had a 3-5 night himself, Andrelton Simmons had another good night at the plate (ok, so maybe he did have a LOBster problem...just a tad, Trout got a hit, Pujols got a couple hits, so many Halos got hits. In the immortal words of Blag Dhalia aka Blag The Ripper, it was “Nothing but hits” (that’s a lil NSFW, fyi).

They just kept coming, relentless and mean and hacking away at the Oakland A’s until they were ready to throw in the towel. Runs were scored aplenty, Cameron Maybin had his best game as a Halo, Matt Shoemaker can hold his head high, and the Angels have now won three games in a row. These Angels are damn fun, but boy are they a wild ride.