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Tyler Skaggs and C.J. Cron headed to 10-day DL, Daniel Wright and Jose Valdez get nods

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Texas Rangers Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

When Mike Scioscia took Tyler Skaggs out of last night’s game, I got worried. You know why. We ALL know why; but I still had to do my best to not think the worst, in light of the news or injury updates we’re accustomed to hear. I was hoping it was just Scioscia being dumb; that would have been the GOOD outcome. Then, to add to the worry pile, C.J. Cron fouled a ball off his foot and was in crutches after the game.

Great. Now, the next day, we know what we’re looking at. C.J Cron and Tyler Skaggs are both going to the 10-day DL, a foot contusion for the former and an oblique strain for the latter.

Today’s news isn’t quite as bleak as what I had swirling in my head last night, but then again, we just saw one starter go from the 10-day DL (Garrett Richards), with a weak or vague sounding injury, only to then go to the more serious 60-day DL, so Angels fans are excused for making any cynical or gloomy commentary.

Here’s word from the team themselves, with corresponding moves:

Daniel Wright was someone that I was assuming was going to be back with the team soon anyway, but I did not foresee the Jose Valdez move. I hadn’t really thought about Valdez in a month or so, since he was one of the guys turning heads in spring training. Greg Mahle, meanwhile, gets the DFA.

Just a couple weeks ago, I was telling myself that I need to be optimistic about Garrett Richards, as it was only a 10-day DL stint, and look how that has turned out. Last night, as Skaggs was lifted from the game, I had joked that Mike Scioscia would say something in the post-game like “Skaggs has a papercut, he’ll miss one start at the very most” and then a week later we’d hear that Skaggs’ injury is so bad he’ll have to retire.

That’s the dark place my mind is at right now with these injuries. Gallows humor can be helpful in these type of situations. Now, let’s just hope that the innocuous-sounding injuries turn out to be just that, and we can live our baseball-loving lives in peace.