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Mike Trout lets Carlos Gomez hit for cycle, because he’s nice, and Rangers beat Halos 6-3

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Texas Rangers Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 3 Rangers 6

In the 4th inning, as Yu Darvish was striking out and stifling the Angels’ lineup, Mike Trout got a pitch that was right near the strike zone but the home plate ump called it a ball. This drove the Rangers insane, mainly because Trout hit a double right after, and then that led to Pujols driving him in, and then another run after that. That Trout pitch was where they became unglued.

This was evidenced as the Rangers pitching coached, after a little meeting on the mound once the Rangers were down 0-2, stared down the home plate umpire and screamed “BULLSHIT!” at him, with all of the rage of a 50 year old white man in Texas in April getting beat by the Los Angeles Angels...which is to say, a LOT of rage.

I think it was at this point that Mike Trout felt kind of bad, and that carried over to the point in the game where Carlos Gomez hit a deep fly ball to the right-center wall. Trout raced far to the warning track but came up short, the ball going over his head, bouncing off the wall and giving Gomez a triple. Statcast had the hit probability at 49%; Trout SHOULD get that one most of the time, but not every time.

Today, I think he LET that one drop, because he’s a cool guy. He let that triple fall, and he let the Rangers go on to destroy the Angels, coming down from a two run hole, and eventually putting six runs on the board. Jesse Chavez also played a part, of course, as he was the one giving up dingers to Rougned Odor and Carlos Gomez, which gave him a cycle, by the way. But that was probably on the orders of Mike Trout. Trout is nice like that.

Trout allowed the two-out runs, the walks, the dingers, the base hits, the errors, and everything else bad that happened in this game. It was all because Mike Trout got a call that benefited him, and he felt guilty about it.

That is the only way to explain this game, in which Carlos Gomez got a cycle and the Rangers looked good. Mike Trout was the reason the Rangers won, and they should thank him, and so should their fans. That’d be the nice thing to do, at least.