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Daniel Nava hits two home runs today, because of course he does


MLB: Boston Red Sox at Los Angeles Angels Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Angels are the one team in the league that are no strangers to a downright awful left field situation. Over the past three seasons (‘14-’16), there have been over twenty players that have played the position, none of which stuck around at the big league level. Though each time has started with decent hopes, it has ended up as nothing more than a ginormous buttercup each time: Josh Hamilton, Raul Ibañez, Matt Joyce, Daniel Nava, Craig Gentry, among others.

Matt Joyce had a putrid 2015 with the Halos, good for a -1.4 fWAR. He left to turn it around and last year, had a 1.3 fWAR. So it comes as no surprise then, that the mainstay of the world-(un)famous Navapile is back at it with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Today against the Reds, Nava homered twice to right field and the blasts were quite convincing. He also talked with the Phillies media of how hard he worked during the offseason to make the team to get where he is.

I am in no position to comment on Daniel Nava the person, but Daniel Nava the player didn’t exactly leave behind a great legacy in Anaheim.

It seems like former Angels take some magic potion and improve after they leave Anaheim (particularly among pitchers in the Mike Butcher era), and Nava has now done the same. Go figure.