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Garrett Richards headed to the DL, Mike Morin called up, and this is totally fine and not bad

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Oakland Athletics Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Hey guys, good news! As we recently posted via Fanshot, Garrett Richards’ MRI revealed that his UCL ligament was sound, nothing wrong with his elbow. Many people have already begun to celebrate this as good news! And why wouldn’t they?

It’s not like we’ve ever had an Angels pitcher miss a start for some minor-sounding reason, only for it to blow up into a devastating injury...or have a pitcher get a good MRI result on his elbow, only to tear it a month or so later and then require Tommy John!

Nope, us Angels fans are totally cool with today’s G-Rich news, wherein we found out he’ll miss a start, but it’s just bicep nerve irritation, nothing big or anything.

Oh, but FYI...he’s headed to the 10-day DL:

So, he’s just missing one start and it’s not really that big of a deal, but he’s also headed to the DL after making one start in 2017, which is supposed to be his comeback season from nearly having to get Tommy John surgery. Let’s all hope that stem cell therapy is as good as advertised, or that this isn’t just another problem popping up for Richards.

Because we’ve been here before...with this exact same pitcher, even. We’ve gotten confident reports back from players, the team, beat writers, etc., only to have the rug pulled out from beneath us.

I’m trying to be as calm and rational as possible, but last season’s string of gnarly injuries, that started out as nothing burgers and ultimately went nuclear, is clouding my better judgement.

Think positive thoughts. Think positive thoughts.