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Once again, Mike Trout was not in the lineup & once again, the Angels were unwatchable

The A’s won this dumb game 3-1, whatever.

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Oakland Athletics Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 1 Athletics 3

Today’s getaway game didn’t feature Mike Trout OR Albert Pujols. It also didn’t feature...well...much of anything, really. In the first inning, A’s starter Andrew Triggs walked the first three Halos batters, loading up the bases and getting Oakland into an early jam. That opportunity was mostly squandered, save for a groundout that scored a run. That was all the work the Angels did on offense. THAT. WAS. IT.

That 1-0 lead actually held tight for awhile, with Jesse Chavez doing his best to keep them off the board, knowing deep down that his team wasn’t going to be scoring any more runs. He did his job, too, until the fifth inning, when he gave up a Chadwick Pinder two-run homer, that literally bounced on top of the OF wall and then went over. It was 2-1 A’s, and Jesse Chavez was close but no cigar.

There would be another run scored by the Athletics in the eighth, running the score up to 3-1 Oakland, but really, this game was over with that dumb Pinder dinger. That was the series, and the Halos continue their weird freefall, where they’re kinda sorta competitive in games, but will find a way to lose by a close margin, somehow...some way.

Crappy offense in a getaway game, that didn’t feature Mike Trout or Albert Pujols. This team is maddening. Please, Trout. Come back. He’s supposed to be back in tomorrow’s game against the Tigers, FYI. I’ll believe it when I see it, though.

Until then, I’m going to sit here and stew while thinking about this stupid Oakland series, and how this Angels team is practically unwatchable when Mike Trout is not in the lineup.

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