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Yunel Escobar was amazing against Tigers tonight, other stuff happened too, I guess

Oh, the Tigers won 7-1, FYI. Anyway, how ‘bout that Yunel Escobar?!?!

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Los Angeles Angels Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 1 Tigers 7

Yunel Escobar had a great night, going 3-4 at the plate, including an RBI double. He continues to prove that he’s not only the best Angels player there is (that’s not named Mike Trout), he’s also (probably) the best player in all of MLB (that’s not named Mike Trout). ALL PRAISE YUNEL THA GOD.

Ummmmm...J.C. Ramirez pitched, too. I think...maybe some other stuff happened, and the Tigers might have scored a bunch of runs? I dunno. That’s really not important. Yunel Escobar (and Mike Trout, who was back in the lineup tonight but didn’t have a hit) is important.

Anyway, Yunel Escobar. Yunel Escobar. Keynan Middleton :(